Guest Comments


Eagle Preserve Float

“Nature at it’s best… like a National Geographic live seminar!”
-Dean & Kathy Johnston

“Relaxing, scenic, well staffed with friendly people.”
-Don Schultz

“Absolutely one of the very best excursions I’ve ever experienced!”
-Oliver S. Bishop

“The tour was spectacular! Would recommend this trip to anyone.”
-Kellee, Bill, Amanda, & Jonathan

“[Our guide] was pleasant and very informative and experienced. Overall [a] wonderful tour.”
-Ms. Mary Manning

“Very entertaining and informative. A must for anyone who wants excellent shots of eagles.”
-Christina Tippen

“[The Guides are] very informative and so very polite and helpful. I recommend this float trip.”
-M.H. Schneider

“All guides [were] very personable and helpful- A great experience.”
-Catherine Lee

“Eagle Preserve Scenic Float and Wildlife Cruise was fabulous! This tour is definitely ‘a keeper.’”
-Diane & John Knutson

“This was a spectacular excursion. The guides were enthusiastic and informative. This was a truly memorable experience.”
-Fred & Diane Schoneboom

“Very fun and informative. Great staff and lunch.”

“A skilled guide that made me feel very comfortable and safe. It made my trip here very worthwhile.”
-Amy E. Lousigian

“The entire tour crew was excellent.”
-Ed & Nancy Kerns

“Great trip, great fun, and lots of good memories! Best tour on the trip by far!”
-Helen Oliver & Georgeanne Brown

“These [guides] had their act together and made it a lot of fun. They were a great group and very informative.”
-Elaine & Mike Prusasky

“Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. What an experience!”
-Jeni & Ray

“The guides are genuine, relaxed and truly into their work. Fantastic information on the tour- but also lots of fun. We’d recommend this tour highly.”
– Larry & Missy Livengood

“The tour was excellent. The guides [were] energetic, positive, knowledgeable and funny. Highly recommend.”
-John Goodrich

Chilkoot Trail Hiking & Rafting Adventure

“This excursion turned out to be the highlight of our trip… we thoroughly enjoyed this experience.”
-Dan Dempster & Bonita Villacobos

“[Our guides] were super awesome in every way! Nice, helpful, involved, informed, fabulous!”
-Catherine Dee & Jonathan Ganz

“The whole experience was wonderful… an excellent excursion!”
-Roger & Nancy Allen

“Alaska at it’s best! AWESOME!”

“[Our guide] was very knowledgeable and welcoming… made us feel safe and comfortable.”
-Gary & Jamie Bostelmon

“Excellent and exceeded our expectations- [our guide] was amazing and made this 2 mile hike and float a great memory.”
-Sharm & Buel Pettibar

“Awesome tour! Lots of fun.”
-Barbara Stowell

“[Our guide] was very knowledgeable, was very professional, and made this excursion the best of our cruise.”
-Doris Cocking

“We really enjoyed this tour! We love the small goup atmosphere and personal attention we received from [our guide.]”
-Victor Coward & Yvonne Borresen

“… a delight from pick-up to drop-off!”
-Richard & Wendy Greguski

“This tour is a real gem!”
-Sally Burk

“Best tour we’ve ever had!”
-Joanne Trout

“The guide did a great job, was very informative, fun and personable. [I] highly recommend it.”